A few notes about things to do before the release

Stephane Bortzmeyer 11 years ago
parent 86ab3b6e77
commit 6234114488

@ -691,7 +691,7 @@ mx_html_template = """
# TODO: better presentation of "admin" (replacement of . by @ and mailto: URL)
# TODO: better presentation of intervals? (Weeks, days, etc)
# TODO: indicate the type of the record before the answer? Not obvious.
# TODO: indicate the type of the record before the answer? Not obvious. At least add an explanatory text instead of just the data (TODO CRIT)
soa_html_template = """
<span>Zone administrator <span tal:replace="admin"/>, master server <a class="hostname" tal:attributes="href path" tal:content="master"/>, serial number <span tal:replace="serial"/>, refresh interval <span tal:replace="refresh"/> s, retry interval <span tal:replace="retry"/> s, expiration delay <span tal:replace="expire"/> s, negative reply TTL <span tal:replace="minimum"/> s</span>
@ -705,7 +705,7 @@ srv_html_template = """
<span>Priority <span tal:content="priority"/>, weight <span tal:content="weight"/>, host <a class="hostname" tal:attributes="href path" tal:content="hostname"/>, port <span tal:content="port"/>,</span>
txt_html_template = """
<span tal:content="text"/>
Text <span tal:content="text"/>
spf_html_template = """
<span tal:content="text"/>
@ -978,6 +978,7 @@ class HtmlFormatter(Formatter):
self.naptr_template.expand (icontext, iresult,
# TODO CRIT: handle RRSIG (46) and NSEC (47) and NSEC3
icontext.addGlobal ("rrtype", rdata.rdtype)
self.unknown_template.expand (icontext, iresult,